We offer counselors with a broad variety of life experience.  They range in age, marital status, background and area of interest.  When you contact us, a staff member will conduct a brief interview to learn more about what is bringing you to counseling, your available times to be seen, and a general idea of your preference for a counselor.  Based on that, you will be matched with an appropriate counselor and your first appointment will be scheduled.  

All of our counselors are graduate student interns of the Masters of Arts in Counseling exclusively studying from the Reformed Theological Seminary in Oviedo, Florida.

Our Counseling Graduate Student Interns 

Chuck Anderson Chuck Anderson 

Doug Anderson Doug Anderson

Annabeth Berry Annabeth Berry

Levi Levi Brown

Josiah Josiah Cha 

Yingxin Yingxin Chen

Alison Alison Floyd

Karah Karah Hammontree 

John John Hursh

LIndsay Lindsay Isler

Jada Jada Jang

Joy Joy Krolak

Annalea Annalea Krumm

Hope Hope Martof

Tyler Tyler Pickett

Rachhel Rachel Pugliese

Amy Amy Rise

Anneke Anneke Seely

Josh Josh Shaner

Heidi Heidi Westmoreland

Colby Colby Wilkins

Lily Lily Wu



Our Clinical Supervisory Team

Yanan Bai Yanan Bai, M.A., LMHC Reformed Theological Seminary

Clinic Director

Tim Burkholder

Tim Burkholder
M.A., LMHC  Charis Counseling Center 
Qualified Supervisor

Matt Casada

Matt Casada, 
M.A., LMHC, Ph.D.,  Lumen Counseling Orlando
Qualified Supervisor


Scott Coupland

Scott Coupland, Ph.D., LMFT Reformed Theological Seminary
Qualified Supervisor

Chris Kavenagh

Chris Kavenagh, M.A., LMHC Five Stones Counseling

Qualified Supervisor

Debbie Mauger

Debbie Mauger
, M.A., LMHC  Journeys Counseling
Qualified Supervisor

Dan Miller

Dan Miller
, M.A., LMHC Florida Counseling Foundation
Qualified Supervisor

Rafa Rafael Montano, M.A., Reformed Theological Seminary

Assistant of the Clinic Director 

Dr. Georgina Panting-Sierra

Dr. Georgina Panting-Sierra, LMHC Eirene Counseling

Qualified Supervisor

Javier Sierra

Javier Sierra
, Psy.D., LMHC, LMFT  Eirene Counseling
Qualified Supervisor

Tracy Veldigan

Tracy Veligdan,
 M.A., LMHC Endure Counseling

Qualified Supervisor

Kelly Winkler

Kelly Winkler,
M.A., LMHC All Things Christian Counseling

 Qualified Supervisor

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